Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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This blog-space is intended as a service to our Learning Centers and their boards of governors. Each week we intend to provide a stream of ideas, thoughtful observations and news that may support your efforts to grow and sustain your Learning Center. We all know how precious the work conducted at our Learning Centers is. I hope we share a dedication to seeing this program thrive.
The agenda of this blog is loose and will evolve over time, but it is intended to be useful to you. If you have any questions you would like addressed or topic suggestions, please email me at spekock@scottishritecharities.org.


Pat Martz said...

We have been established for some time. People know us as the "Masonic Center" or the "Scottish Rite Center." When we opened we were known as the Scottish Rite Learning Center. Scottish Rite is associated in the world of dyslexia with a quality program. People in our area also associate us with the Shriners' hospitals. Conerstone has no meaning and it would confuse people around here. We definitely need an easier name than our present one, though. I still like Scottish Rite.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a step in the right direction -- but for heaven's sake, do something with that stupid caricature of a child in the logo. It looks like a deranged elf or worse. If you paid money for THAT logo -- I think you've been had. Sorry I'm so subtile in my comments -- but that "kid logo" is a bummer.

Dick Luckay, Columbus

Anonymous said...

How about just: Scottish Rite Centers for Children? Or Scottish Rite Masonic Centers for Children? Do we really need to have dyslexia in the name?

Several months ago this topic was introduced at our Board of Governor's Meeting - and it is an elusive challenge.

I agree that the current name is too long and also many outside of our world do not understand that 32 Degree Mason is a Scottish Rite Mason, so a change is in order.

The teddy bear logo is not something that young men over the age of about 8 will accept and embrace; so a change is probably advisable.

What should tha change be?

No good suggestions right now, but let me talk to some of DeMolays and DeMolay Advisors I associate with. They are a creative bunch; and have been an 11-year supporter of the fundraising efforts of the Learning Center so they have a vested interest in this.

I'll check in later and share any ideas that may be generated.

Dave Berry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the name remain the same.
We have embraced the Bear and given him a book.

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