Thursday, August 20, 2009

News You Can Use

Bringing the Case to the Airwaves

How many times have we said, "Our Learning Centers are our best kept secret?" The truth is that we need much more media exposure. It is very possible to get TV and newpapers interested in our work. It just takes passion and persistence.

Take as a case in point the work of Georgina Sible whose daughter graduated from the Altoona (PA) Learning Center. In March, she heard that Lexington funding for the Center was being halted in September, imperiling the future of the program in her town. This cased her to spring into action. Sible contacted the local newspapers and TV station and told them about the great work the Learning Center accomplishes as well as its plight. As a result news teams attended the March board meeting and pieces were run prominently in the news. You will find the article in the Altoona Mirror here and the TV article by clicking the image below:
Regardless the nature of your Learning Center's finances, we have a compelling story to tell. You can get exposure if you follow Sible's example:

  • Try to know who is the right media person to speak with. Sible says she watches the news regularly and sent an email to the reporter who generally covers this area. The response was almost immediate.
  • Tell the important points. The Center helps children with dyslexia. Free. At risk of closing. That creates impact.
  • Don't be afraid to be persistent. Passion about the issue often brings results.

It is too early to fully assess the impact of this media blitz. I am told that a foundation contacted the Learning Center and encouraged them to submit a proposal. Also, the registrations for the Dyslexia walk are up, including participation by the PSU Altoona men's and women's soccer teams.

Good news travels, so long and you are willing to deliver it!

PS- for another great video example, check out the coverage for the Nashua Learning Center:


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