Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ideas That Work

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A Post-event Fund Booster

There are a lot of ways to boost the return on events. One way that is relatively inexpensive and is effective has been pioneered by Joe Fennick, supporting the Walk event they hold each October.

Last year, Joe had a goal of exceeding the previous year's fundraising. By the end of the Walk however, that goal was not attained. Joe noticed that a number of people who supported the previous event, had not stepped forward. Undaunted, Joe sent a letter to those past donors as well as fellow 33rd Degree Masons. In the letter, he described the event and the enthusiasm of the day, described the fundraising goal and its importance and asked one last time for their support.

The letter was very successfull, raising about $2,000 in additional donations. The event exceeded its goal!

You could employ a similar strategy for nearly any fundraising event. Giving a picked group "one last chance" to join in supporting the event may be just what you need to meet your financial goals.


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