Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post of the Century (100)

What more would you like?

I have to say that our hundredth post seems too soon. It feels like its May again and we just started the Idea Hub. Yet the past 8 months or so have been dramatic ones for the Learning Centers. Over the weeks we've found some good dialogue, shared some useful ideas and highlighted a number of very gifted children.

The participation you have demonstrated related to our rebranding discussions has been both substantive and important to our decision making. And while the more impatient among us chafe that no decision on that front has been made, I must admit that a hasty bad decision is far more difficult to overcome than a tardy good one. Your participation through the Idea Hub has slowed, yet improved our process.

As we move on to our next hundred postings, your advice would be deeply appreciated. What would you like us to cover more of? Is there anything you want less of? Is this site supporting your efforts? Do you want to hear from us more or less?

Please take a minute and complete our 6 question survey. You can find it here. It will help us make the future of the Idea Hub 100% better!


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