Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ideas That Work - Spread Ideas Around

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Introducing the IDEA HUB FORUM!

I am pleased to announce today the opening of our Idea Hub Forum. In learning and innovative organizations great ideas and discussions are not the sole domain of the folks in the home office. More often than not good ideas and support rises up from wherever we are toiling in the fields - in Lexington, Indianapolis, Lancaster or wherever. If you have a question or and issue it is likely that someone at another Learning Center has faced it before. It is our hope that the Forum, in conjunction with this blog will work as a support to each board member as we aim to work together to make our program stronger in the years to come.

At present the forum is just starting up. We have posted in the prospect review section the Prospect Review Matrix is described in the June 2 post. But also I have posted a discussion thread on our rebranding effort. You will find in that section the criteria we are using to consider a name that can propel this program forward.

To access the Idea Hub Forum, just click here.

Please weigh in with your feedback.

You can check out our posts without registering, but must register to post. For the time being registration will not require confirmation, so do it now!

I really look forward to your feedback.


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