Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Make Your Friends Happier – Ask them to Give

Dick Duckworth, a volunteer who raises money for Providence sent me an article he clipped from the St. Petersburg (FL) Times that cites a March 2008 article in the journal Science.

A joint American and Canadian study of 700 people showed that increases in income have no reliable correlation to increased happiness. However, more money subjects spent on others (pro-social spending) showed a strong relationship to greater happiness.

The most telling component of the research was one where 46 students were given envelopes containing cash. Some were told to spend it on others, some on themselves, Those who were told to spend the money on others reported consistently greater happiness. You can read the article here (free subscription required).

Often we are reluctant to ask our friends to donate, thinking it to be an imposition. In reality you are helping your friend attain greater happiness. Consider how happy you are when you hear about the success stories occurring at your Learning Center. Then reach out to your friends and help make them happy too!

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