Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Living (forever) on Purpose

This may be great news for every committed volunteer to our Learning Centers who happens to be an "older American."

The online news site Healthday recently heralded a study destined to make you feel good.

The article by Kathleen Doheny covered an ongoing study conducted through Rush Medical Center in Chicago. The study followed more than 1,300 senior participants and their sense of purpose.

The results of the study show a significant relationship between a sense of purpose and living longer. In fact the difference in survival between high and low senses of purpose was a 50% greater survival rate over the study's three year length.

The finding follows another recent study, done by others, in which the researchers found that retirees older than 65 who volunteered had less than half the risk of dying during about a four-year follow-up period as did their peers who did not volunteer their time, Doheny writes.

You can read the entire article on the Healthday site.

Our conclusion - the Learning Centers are doing more than helping kids and training tutors. Because we need committed volunteers, we are helping them to live long and purposeful lives!

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