Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rebranding Update!!!

Results from the recent board meeting

On July 2 the parent board of the 32nd Degree Masonic Learning Centers for Children met in Lexington. On the agenda was a presentation by Marcia Morgan, a branding consultant who has worked with us for the past six months to consider a change in name to the Learning Centers. To many, the current name is unwieldy and not easily communicated to the non-Masonic universe. The board in January agreed to look at the issue and hear recommendations.

The result of Ms. Morgan's work with a number of focus groups is a proposed name change. What she found best met our needs is:
This name appealed both to Masons and non-Masons. It also passed many usage requirements (for example a local place would be called Cornerstone Tutoring for Chidren with Dyslexia of Waterbury or Cornerstone Tutoring of Waterbury, for short).

The image change reflects the clear message Ms. Morgan received that it should reflect the typical age range of our students.

"Tutoring" was chosen over "Learning" because we tutor, our children learn.

We are also looking at branding our certifcation program to further the image of our program (more on that later, but you can read about it in the presentation).

To understand more fully the results of this effort, log on to the forum, and you can download Morgan's full presentation as well as the decision criteria for the naming process which is located here (you must be a registered user to download the documents).

The parent board unanimously supported this renaming process and gave it a green light to move further ahead. This includes sharing the name with you and asking for your feedback. Please use the poll located in the right-hand column to express your opinion on the name. I've opened a topic in the Rebranding section of Forum for your comments.

We look forward to your input.


Anonymous said...

As a staff person of a CLC, a wife of a Mason, grandaughter of a Mason, niece of several Masons, a Past Matron, a past Bethel Guardian and past Job's Daughter I think it is a BIG mistake to take the word Mason or Masonic out of the name of the organization!

Steve Pekock said...

I agree, that is why we added to the logo "a Scottish Rite Masonic Charity." While we need the name to be more publicly accessible, we don't want to forget our Masonic Roots. Furthermore the branding of our methodology is proposed as "the Masonic Learning Method." Thus every certified scholar would be carrying the Masonic anme with heir expertise.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, great job with the re-branding effort being put forth! I like the approach of the cornerstone theme. Many different groups and organizations use the phrase or wording "cornerstone" in their programs I'm sure. As Masons, we can identify more readily with the allegorical sense of the word, which many have pirated for years and years.
Similar to the use of the term "Square deal". This too has Masonic origins for Freemason's. I like the cornerstone name because it gives us immediate recognition and if nothing else, another talking point about Masonry in the public. Comments such as "what do Masons and cornerstones have in common?" Remember...most people among us, have no idea about cornerstones and the Masonic significance of the allegorical application? This could be kindling for a deeper conversation on the cornerstone ceremony and famous buildings or Masons known to have placed them in the past. i.e. George Washington, Harry Truman. Local Masonic Lodges, etc...
Let us always be cognizant of the fact, we are always building and always promoting ourselves in order to better our efforts and build upon our good works. The term cornerstone can only help to improve upon this effort.
Again, nice work and I like it very much! It's a good start!

Paul Ferreira

Anonymous said...

Cornerstone Dyslexia Clinics:

The reason for taking the name Mason or Masonic out of the main name of the charity is because it makes fundraising harder. Foundations don't want to give money to a charitable organization that already has a sponsor. It's not to take the glory away form the Masons. It's to help ensure the sustainability of the program.

I concur that the child in the logo looks deformed, but I understand that the current logo is a placeholder.

I agree that we need to have 'dyslexia' in the main name; that's what we do. The word 'tutoring' just does not convey what we do very accurately -- does not set us apart from such generalists as Sylvan or Kumon.

How about: Cornerstone Dyslexia Clinics? Or at least Cornerstone Language Clinics?
This conveys exactly what we do -- provide specialized clinical linguistic intervention for dyslexia specifically. It also differentiates us from generic tutoring centers, and from other entities that may have Cornerstone in their name (like Christian schools, for example).

Anonymous said...

The above comment is by me, Gina Cooke. I couldn't get that to show up for some reason.

Joe Blanc said...

LOVE IT!!!! Except do we loose the Teddy Bear Theme or do we also keep that?

I think it will make fund raising easier for outside the craft and Cornerstone fits with our Masonic culture.

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