Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"If the infinite had not desired man to be wise, he would not have bestowed on him the faculty of knowing."

-Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990)

I came across this quote in the pages of The Lost Symbol, the Dan Brown thriller that largely features the Masons.

Manly Hall was a name largely unknown to me, but he is known in Masonic circles. A 33rd Degree Mason, Hall is best know for has writings on ancient thought and Masonic sybology. In 1928 he wrote his best know work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. In 1934 he founded the Philosophical Research Society which continues to this day.

A good starting place to learn more about Ill. Brother Hall is Wikipedia.

This quote serves to remind us of the universality of "the faculty of knowing." All children are imbued with his, yet in some the faculty is hidden by dyslexia. Our continuing gift to humanity is setting free this capability so even children with dyslexia may attain the "wisdom" before them.


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