Thursday, September 17, 2009

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A Sign (or Symbol) of our Times

Sometimes it is worth our while to shift gears and enjoy things. It is with this in mind that I purchased yesterday a copy of the new Dan Brown book, The Lost Symbol.

I have to tell you that this is a book that's hard to put down. I'm already almost halfway through the 500+ page work and I'd really impressed. Not just because of the energy Brown generates with his style of writing, but with his treatment of Freemasonry.

Now I am sure that there are plenty of Masonic Purists who will (accurately) devote much time to deconstructing the book and criticizing inaccuracies. But I think this misses the point.

In this book, Brown largely gets it right. In the first 100 pages he debunks many of the myths of the Craft. He even gives a very clear explanation describing the difference between a secret society and a society with secrets.

In short, Brown hasn't gone for the easy stereotypes in this book (he even mentioned that a character was a big donor to "Masonic charities."

Why do I bring this up? This book is going to be a big phenomenon. It should raise new interest in the Fraternity and all than we do, including the Learning Centers. Buy the book and read it. Give it to friends and then tell people you are involved with the Masons or a Masonic charity and see if this doesn't open a door to more discussion about the Learning Centers.

Let's make sure this isn't a "Lost" opportunity.

(If you want to read a review of the book, there is the LA Times review here.)


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