Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rebranding Update

Update on Rebranding

It has been some time since we spoke about the rebranding initiative that was described after the June meeting of the Learning Centers Board of Directors meeting. This is probably a good time to bring you up to speed because we have received number of inquiries.

  • At this point the Cornerstone brand is still a strong contender for these reasons:
  • It is among the few brands that is meaningful to Masons and non Masons alike.
  • It has been largely supported by those who chose to respond to our blog poll as well as the board of directors.
  • Although there may be other companies with the word "Cornerstone" in their name, legal registration for Cornerstone Tutoring is available in all states of our market.
  • The domain name is owned by us.
  • In testing with a diverse sample of non-Masons, the name has a positive connotation.

Now this is not to say that there are not a few places where the name may be an issue:

  • Grand Rapids has a fundamentalist college named "Cornerstone"
  • Pittsburgh has a ministry named "Cornerstone" in their building or adjacent to it

We acknowledge these issues and are developing an alternative workaround for these places.

So what are our next steps? The Learning Centers BoD does not meet again until December 10th. We are meeting in Lexington in advance of that to finalize recommendations. Along with that, we are developing a logo based on your input (the mutant elf logo image is gone).

What we need from you is an estimate for the cost of signage at your site, if you used the current logo in signage. Also, if you have any additional feedback, please send it along.

Finally, we are still wondering what to do about the Teddy Bear. The logo is not age appropriate for our students and may be an embarrassment to older children. However it is a solid rallying image among the Masonic community. We may continue to use the logo for Masonically-specific fundraising and PR. What do you think?

Success Story Reminder

The end of the month is almost upon us and I've received only one entry for the monthly success story challenge (win $100).

Its not too late to enter.


Anonymous said...

I believe that we in the Detroit Metro Area are going to experience difficulty with the Cornerstone name. It is alread being used by a school of choice system for black children primarily. The church that I belong to is the Cornerstone Chapel. I know that the title is being utilized locally here by others as well. I believe that the name should be reconsidered as it is to well known and may be trademarked by the school system.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Northwest Ohio and we often see commercials for the Cornerstone School in Detroit during the Tigers' games. It would be confusing to many people for that reason. I agree that there could also be a trademark issue.

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